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California Building Codes

The California Energy Commission (CEC) outlines energy efficiency standards for new and altered buildings in California through Title 20 and Title 24. Mechanical Building Codes state “All systems shall be tested by a certified independent agency… (to) provide a certified Air Balance Report for review prior to final inspection.” Balancing systems is completed in two phases during the project: at rough and at final. 



Air Balance Testers

With years of experience under our belt, we’ve created countless Air Balance reports for our clients. From alterations to new construction, our HERS Raters are certified to do it all. All our work is performed according to National Environmental Balancing Bureau / Testing, Adjusting, Balancing Bureau standards and protocols. Choose our trusted and well-known technicians to handle your construction projects’ needs.


About Us

Have peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen certified experts who will perform Air Balancing according to all state regulations. 

Our History & Areas We Service

Air Balance Testers was launched by Michael Barriere, the founder of BarrierEnergy. Our team has over a decade of experience with building codes, including Air Balance. Based out of Santa Barbara, California, we service SB County, Ventura County, and San Luis Obispo County.

About the Process

First, technicians must make a visit to perform on-site testing. Then, they will let you know upfront whether the system passed or failed. If the system did not pass, they will advise you on how to remedy the issue. Once all systems meet the stipulated requirements for Air Balance, they will produce a Report. Lastly, this Report can be turned into the correct building authorities.

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